Sir Alex Ferguson’s biggest fan, Jamie Carragher, has today confessed that he is embarrassed as the disappointing years he’s had as a Liverpool player. In the 12 years he’s been playing for the first team, Liverpool have been in contention for the title on just one occasion.

Mr Liverpool, as he is dubbed by the club’s official website, also admits he has great respect for Manchester United. Of course, he’ll be forced in to having even more respect for us when we equal Liverpool title record this season…

“Being involved in the mind games is a good thing. We’ve always been on the outside looking in, something we’re not proud of,” said Carragher. “I was an Evertonian as a kid, but I’ve never hated Man United. I’ve always had respect for them. They’re a proper club, like us, and they should have respect for us as well. Man United aren’t blasé or big-headed. I think Chelsea are, or have been in the past, a little bit. At Man United, there isn’t a player who you think: ‘God, I fucking hate him.’ They’re all good lads, aren’t they?”

Carragher has refused to deny Ferguson’s claims that Liverpool will bottle it, acknowledging he is no position to say how his team will react to being second in the league at this stage of the season.

“Will we get nervous? I haven’t got a clue,” Carragher added. “I’m not going to put an act on and say no, because I’ve never been there. It’s only January. It’s embarrassing, really, that I’ve only been in this position once, with Gerard Houllier.”