Jamie Carragher has again been talking about our manager.

“I love talking about the game, learning things from people, but there’s always a mystique about people you haven’t had the chance to speak to,” he said. “The likes of Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho, I could talk to them all day and that’s one reason I answered the call from Fabio Capello to go to the World Cup. I wanted to see him at close quarters.”

But when singling out one person he would most like to talk to, he chose Sir Alex Ferguson.

if I had to choose someone, it would be Ferguson.

“What would I ask him? How long have you got? All day? I’d just want to find out what he would make of certain situations and how he would react to them. Just how he goes about things, how he makes it all work. If I was in his company, I would also tell him, first off, that Manchester United never knocked Liverpool off their fucking perch, as he put it. That’s just nonsense. Graeme Souness did that. When United were going for their first title under Ferguson in 1992-93, they were competing with Norwich and Aston Villa. They weren’t competing with Liverpool, were they?”

As someone so much a part of Liverpool, we’re really supposed to hate Carragher, but I can’t think of another player from anywhere other than United who speaks so fondly of our manager so regularly.

Although, I would have to counter his comments about knocking Liverpool off their perch. When Fergie got the job at United, Liverpool had 16 titles and we had 7. We didn’t knock them off their perch by beating them to a league title they weren’t competing for in 1993, but by dominating success, establishing ourselves as the biggest club in the country, with a bigger fanbase worldwide and far greater stadium.