Jamie Carragher has kept United fans happy recently, talking of his love for Sir Alex Ferguson and his respect for our football team.

“United have got that edge on us financially,” Carragher said. “Vidic is a classic case. He had a buyout clause of four or five million. We met that but United came along and paid seven or eight. But we can’t make excuses given the money we’ve spent.”

This is the side that have just spent £20 million on Robbie Keane, a player made to look better than he is by our very own Dimitar Berbatov, who didn’t even get in the squad for today’s Merseyside FA Cup derby. Complaining that we paid £7 million for Vidic, a paltry £2 million more than the buyout clause, is a bit soft. Let’s be honest, Vidic is the best centre half in the league on present form and the price we paid for him is a total bargain.

Carragher might be interested to know that on average, there has just been a difference of around £3 million a season for the past 10 years.

Anyway Jamie, keep up the good work otherwise. Tell us how much you love our manager again.