Just yesterday, Jamie Carragher, who often speaks of his love for our manager and his respect for our club, admitted he had to be impressed with our success over the past sixteen years.

“It`s something Manchester United have done a lot in the past to win titles and you’ve got to take your hat off to them because they’ve done it over the years and this season as well,” he said.

The other players have started to follow suit, with Daniel Agger also ‘taking his hat off’ to United. The defender, who has claimed his situation at Liverpool is becoming untenable, was once held in high esteem at Anfield, with Benitez going as far as blaming Agger’s absence through injury for a failed season in 07-08. Now he’s part of the United fan club. We’re scarily good, apparently.

“I take my hat off to United,” said Agger. “They have showed scary strength and have many strings to play on. They are the most stable and they win the close games. If we want to keep our chances for the trophy alive we can’t draw in so many games. Manchester United could be five points ahead of us if they win next Wednesday’s game against Fulham. Because of that we will have to beat them at Old Trafford.”