Despite scoring a massive 42 goals for United last season, Cristian Ronaldo managed a hat-trick on just one occasion, something his mum couldn’t understand. When it finally came against Newcastle, the joy on his face was clear.

Ronaldo has dedicated this hat-trick to his mum, as well as admitting to penalty nerves during the Wigan game.

“That was very special,” Ronaldo said, when asked about his hat-trick. “I had scored two many times, but never got the third, and my mum had started to say, “Cristiano, why do you never score three goals?!” I had to explain, “Mum, sometimes it’s not possible,” but she just said, “Ah, but you have to score three one time!” So when I did I was immediately thinking about my mum. To get that first hat-trick was a special day, and to score it at Old Trafford was a great moment.”

In our last Premiership game of the season, Wayne Rooney was brought down in the boxing, meaning Cristiano Ronaldo had a penalty to take. A win in this game would secure the league title, meaning the pressure was on.

“Well, there was a little bit of pressure because if we didn’t win, maybe Chelsea could take the title,” said Ronaldo. “I just said to myself, “Cristiano, you have to score this goal, because if you do, maybe we win the league.” And so I scored, we go 1-0 up, and then Giggsy comes on and scores the second goal, and the fans start to believe we can win the title.”

Ronaldo has confessed that compliments are the way to his heart, claiming he enjoys people admiring his skills and his good looks.

“When people say that they like you because of how you play, or how you look – although I don’t believe too much of that – it’s always good,” said Ronaldo. “Like in the stadiums in Japan, when you touch the ball and people start screaming, I love all that and I appreciate it. I have an opportunity to say thank you to everyone who supports me, because it gives me motivation to win more now, and in the future.”

In other news, Real Madrid defender Pepe says Ronaldo’s mam will get her wish this summer, with our winger heading for Spain.

“Cristiano’s mother has a dream – to see her son playing for Real Madrid,” said Pepe. “It is well known that mothers have a lot of influence. It is a dream that his mother has but also one that he has. Now we’ll see there is logic behind that dream.”