United’s season ticket prices have been on the up for some time, long before the Glazers’ name was even uttered at our ground. Roy Keane’s new contract was blamed for the rises once upon a time with the club eager to make all the money they could, knowingly ripping off the fans, but trying to distance themselves from the blame. Whilst I think United’s ticket prices are pretty decent in comparison to others, the money all Premiership fans are charged is becoming ridiculous.

We have seen Liverpool and City fans bend over for any foreign owner who wanted to splash cash in their direction, whilst United were strong and fierce in their opposition to the Glazers. Now, as then, it is looking as though it is our responsibility to try and claw back to something that resembles the game in the way it was intended to be. A game for the working classes to be enjoyed at football stadiums up and down the countries. You only have to watch Match of the Day to see entire stands left empty. There were more than 10,000 arseless seats at the Riverside yesterday, with fans not wanting to pay £38 to see their team take on Bolton.

So, this is where MUST step in, the first supporters group to make a stand against their own club, with the intention of sorting out our season ticket prices and having away with the Automatic Cup Scheme, which sees us forced in to buying tickets for all cup games (with the exception of the League Cup… although your right to apply for away games will be denied).

So, what’s the plan?

MUST encouraging all United fans to get in touch with the Office of Fair Trading to show the strong following this campaign has, which is something I’d also like to encourage on here. You should join MUST to find out the details and see how you can get involved.

A Chubb Club event has been organised for derby day next weekend at Copper Face Jacks on Oxford Street to raise money. The MASSIVE Chubb Club or The RICHEST Chubb Club IN THE WORLD, if you prefer. If you want to avoid the bitters in your local, then this a United only zone where you can enjoy the derby. Hopefully this year Ferguson might inspire our lads to actually show up for it, which would make a nice change.

Click here to donate whatever you can or here to get regular e-mail updates on what is being done. You know it’s right.