Before I write this, let me admit it’s almost 3am and I’m very drunk. It’s Halloween, I look like a zombie, and I’ve been talking about United all evening.

In my drunkard status I have settled on several points of view:

1. Dimitar Berbatov is a world class player.
2. Antonio Valencia has the makings of a great United winger.
3. Wes Brown should be in the team whenever fit, as right back or a central defender.
4. Darren Fletcher has been sorely missed and I hope he starts next week in Europe ahead of the Chelsea game.
5. Jamie Carragher (Fergie’s number one fan) has been guilty of three professional fouls and has been red carded for one.
6. After slating him on the blog, Rio should be praised for his last minute snub of the Manchester première of his film – clearly the negative press he received has made him get his priorities in order.
7. Chelsea are scoring for fun so Fergie has a headache when picking his defensive line. (Maybe Wes, Rio, Vidic, Evra is best?)
8. Fabregas scored a fabulous goal against Spurs and Anderson should strive for the same if his song should ring true.
9. Phil Brown should get sacked in the morning.
10. United are going to win the league.