“First game I went to was West Ham at home on Bank Holiday Monday at the start of 85/86. I’d been nagging to be taken for a while – I was displeased to discover my parents went to the 83 Cup Final replay without me, and dissatisfied with the rosette that I was given as compensation. When my old fella sneaked off to a game away to Watford without me – it was immediately prior to the 85 Cup Final, and United lost 5-1 – I was still pissed with him upon discovering the subterfuge the following morning, a sentiment I doubtless expressed with eloquence, dignity and restraint. Thus he resolved to take me at the next possible opportunity…”

Daniel Harris, On The Road: A Journey Through a Season

“I watched Manchester United live for the first time 50 years ago and it was just as magical as I’d always dreamed it would be, even though no trophies were at stake and United were languishing in mid-table mediocrity at the time. What gave the match wider historical significance however was the fact that when Dennis Viollet scored two goals that afternoon he overtook Jack ‘Gunner’ Rowley’s club record of 30 league goals in a season, previously set in 1951/52. Astonishingly, despite the prodigious achievements of United goal-scorers since, such as the electric Denis Law, the bewitching George Best,the lethal Ruud Van Nistelrooy or the unstoppable Cristiano Ronaldo, Viollet’s record still stands, half a century later…”

Giles Oakley

“Being from America, it was always going to be a big ask to come up with the money for a trip to see Manchester United, but, finally after I landed first full-time job, I was able to realize that dream in December 2003.

I always lived under the assumption that it was pretty much inconceivable to get a match ticket to see United live at Old Trafford, but that all changed after I met Peter Holland from the Manchester United Supporters Club USA (MUSCUSA) in the summer of 2003.

Up until I met him, and being so far displaced from Manchester, I could only watch a rare game here, eagerly listen to them on the radio over the internet or catch their highlights on the television, which was just starting back then to make its way on to American sports channels again.

In December of that year, I was set to make my first trek to the Theatre of Dreams My first live match Old Trafford was none other than the Manchester Derby, but I almost did not make it…”

David Hammons, The United Religion

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