Nani has laid in to Jamie Carragher after recovering faster than anticipated from a horrible injury the Liverpool player left him with.

Carragher went nowhere near the ball and put his studs in to Nani’s leg, cutting him to the bone.

Nani is frustrated that referee Phil Dowd didn’t show Carragher the red card he deserved, particularly because this is the second time he has been left injured by Carragher.

“I don’t know what Carragher was thinking but I do know what he did was not football,” said Nani. “He came to apologise after the game. But I was not happy. It is the second time he injured me. Before, he put me out of the game for two months. He always tackles like that. I don’t want protection. I just want the referees to be fair. If it is a red card, they have to give it. If they give the card, the next time the player doesn’t make the tackle.”