Nani had another poor game against Tottenham yesterday and was subbed off at half time for Carlos Tevez, which had a brilliant effect on our game.

Sadly, Nani just doesn’t seem to cut it this season. I want him so badly to do well because we saw great things from him last season, but it just doesn’t seem to happen. Maybe this can be blamed on the lack of time he gets on the pitch these days? I don’t know. But I struggle to think of a time this season when he’s actually had a good game.

Nani won’t be put off by his limitted appearances this season though, claiming he will fight for his place and has no intention of leaving

“It is very difficult at a club like Manchester United because there are so many good players here,” Nani said. “It is hard when you are not playing but I am happy here and I have confidence that I can be a part of everything. The manager has not said anything to me but I want to stay. I don’t want to leave and nothing has been said about leaving.”