Nani caused quite a stir this week after claiming that he would be fit in a week, despite being sent home from the World Cup. If he was to return to fitness so soon, it would be he only missed one group stage game, therefore begging the question why Portugal had replaced him in the squad.

Some rumours claimed he had failed a drugs test, although this was immediately denied by the head of anti-doping authority in Portugal. Some rumours then claimed he had fallen out with boss Carlos Queiroz, who said he had more important things to worry about than Nani.

However, Nani has today moved to clear up the mess his innocent remark created.

“I did not explain myself well when I said I would be good in a week, when asked how long my recovery would take,” Nani said. “Therefore, I regret the embarrassment that I, unintentionally, caused in the end. With a group of journalists and feeling tired after the journey I had just made, I gave a short answer and should have explained myself better. I think I will be okay in a week, but that is in terms of my day-to-day life, not to play football.”