In 9 starts and 10 appearances, Nani has scored 4 goals (9th highest in the league) and assisted 8 (highest in the league), in an incredible turn around in form, which has seen him go from the most likely player to be sold to our best performing player, in the past year.

“Cristiano is always there for me,” said Nani. “We are big friends and he helps me with my game – even though he is in Madrid we speak all the time. It is great to have a friend like that, someone who can hear me out and give me encouragement. Things are going well this season and now people are seeing the real Nani. My performance in the team has been very good, but I want to do more and I have to keep learning and improving.”

Nani also hailed the manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, for the role he has played helping Nani improve.

“The manager has already played a big part in my form,” he continued. “He has a meeting with all the young players because now we are getting more opportunity. He is always impressing on the young players how it is important to get better. United is a big club and we need to win, so every player on the pitch needs to think he can be the best in the world. The manager tells us we are here because we are the best. The young players have been playing a lot in the team lately. We have to be strong in our minds and when we get our opportunities on the pitch we have to think we can play well and be part of a winning team.”