Former Manchester United winger, Nani, has spoken out about Louis van Gaal and the current state of our team.

Nani was loaned to former Sporting Club Sporting Lisbon after Van Gaal took charge. The following season he was sold to Fenerbahce for just over £4m.

He [Van Gaal] didn’t use me a lot in pre-season. I was the player who had the least time in all the games and I was feeling, ‘This coach doesn’t count on me’.

He and his assistant were shouting at players like we were kids, like 18-year-olds. And I think, ‘This is not the way to treat us because I am professional, I am training every day, I’m doing nothing wrong, I’m putting quality in the training’.

Now when you see Manchester, it’s not Manchester. With all respect to the players who are there, the personality, the mentality is all different.

When you see Manchester United go inside the pitch you see a new era. Before you had big names, experienced players who represent so many years at the club. Now you see players who are maybe in their first year, their first time in the Premier League. It’s all new.