Manchester United winger Nani was today asked who he thought was going to win the league. “I no longer see anybody winning the Premier League this season outside of Manchester United or Chelsea. Hopefully, it will be United,” he replied.

Ahead of our victory over Arsenal, Nani had claimed that the Gunners were our biggest title rivals. Obviously not too impressed with their display at Old Trafford, with them resorting to kicking lumps out of our players and forcing just one decent save from our keeper, Nani has changed his mind, much to Arsene Wenger’s frustration.

These comments have upset the Arsenal boss, who is rather touchy to Nani’s opinion that the league will be won by United or Chelsea.

“Everybody has a different opinion in this league and nobody is perfect,” he replied. “We live in a society where everybody knows everything and it is a shame to say, ‘I don’t know’. I personally don’t know who will win the league and I have managed 1600 games. If Nani knows he must be 1600 times more intelligent than I am.”

Is Nani more intelligent than Wenger? Well, I’m sure even Nani would have worked out, if he was Arsenal’s manager, that they need to do something differently to get a result against United, given than Wenger has set his team up exactly the same way over the past couple of years, only to keep losing.

Although, I’m not sure when Wenger became so averse to people voicing their own opinion or believed that an opinion who would win the league had anything to do with intelligence. Why should Nani say ‘I don’t know’ when his opinion is United or Chelsea will be champions?

Same old Wenger, always moaning.