After Paul Scholes scored that late winner against City last season, Gary Neville did what any proper red would, and showed his feelings in their shining glory. He grabbed Scholes by the face and kissed him on the lips but has had to put up with some stick as a consequence.

“A few people have given me a bit of stick,” said Neville. “But I’ve spoken to a lot of my mates, who said they’d have done exactly the same if they’d been able to get to him! I was just so happy.”

O’Shea has confirmed that people having be ribbing Neville and offers his sympathy to Scholes.

“Nev did get some stick for that, but poor Scholesy couldn’t do much, could he?” confirmed John O’Shea. “He was the poor victim who tried to push him off, but it was too late. That’s Gaz for you. I don’t think it was for his benefit, mind you. I think it was to make the City fans feel that little bit angrier!”

But what about the poor victim, Scholes?

“A kiss on the lips from Nev is worth it any time after a winner against City!” he said.