Sir Alex Ferguson revealed this week that Gary Neville may still have another year at Manchester United in him, although unlike Ryan Giggs and Edwin Van der Sar, Nev has yet to be offered a contract extension.

Despite injuries and suspension this season, Neville has made 19 appearances, which may suggest the manager is right in seeing what our right-back may still have to offer. Although it’s hard to imagine that with a fit defence this season, with Rafael, Wes Brown and John O’Shea all fighting it out for the position, Neville getting much of a look in.

Still, Neville is contemplating the end of his career and will only continue playing if he believes he has something to offer.

“It is an agonising process because to stop playing at this club is a big thing for me,” said Neville. “I love the club, it’s all I’ve ever known. But in some ways it becomes easier for me because I love the club that much I don’t want to become a passenger. Everybody would say – play football for as long as you possibly can. Everybody would say that, because you can’t go back to it. But there’s more to it than that for me. For me to go and play at another football club just won’t happen. I won’t dilute my memories of football. I know that would happen for me. My colours are so firmly nailed to the mast at this club, for me to go and run out in a different shirt, I just wouldn’t enjoy that. Is this going to be my last season? Who knows? I honestly don’t know myself. There is a need for experience but it’s a question of how long I can keep making a contribution, and more importantly how long the manager thinks I can make one. There are maximum 15 games to go. We’ve got one trophy in the bag. If it does happen to be my last three months at the club, I’d better go and enjoy it.”