In last week’s 2-0 victory over Barnsley we were forced to see out another League Cup with ten men following Gary Neville’s sending off.

Just days after losing at Anfield, passionate scouse-hater Neville left a foot in on Liverpool supporting Adam Hammill after winning the ball.

Sir Alex Ferguson conceded the referee was “probably correct” to send Neville off but our captain isn’t so sure. He won’t be appealing the decision though thanks to the current nature of the FA, who will dish out the same punishment to a player who celebrates a goal with a player who slaps a restrained fan in the face.

“The referee said in his report that I made no attempt to play the ball, which is blatantly wrong, but I won’t appeal it. There is no point in the current climate,” said Neville. “The ball was at an awkward height and I thought their player would come in at that height with me, but he didn’t. I got the ball, but it’s impossible to stop in mid-air at that speed. My biggest disappointment is that I’ve got a three-game ban because I don’t think it is warranted. Did I deserve a red card? I think it should have been a yellow-and-three-quarters! I had no intent.”