Gary Neville had a pop at the FA after they announced they would take two weeks to decide whether Fabio Capello would keep his job as England manager.

A week before the World Cup began, the FA were so confident in the Italian that they offered him a two year extension on his current contract. Four dreadful World Cup performances later and it looked as though the FA believed he was out of a job, and possibly could have been if not for Roy Hodgeson’s appointment as Liverpool boss.

Three days ago, Neville voiced his concern over how a handful of poor performances could leave the FA questioning whether Capello was the man for the job, just weeks after insisting he was going to be the boss for at least the next two years.

“England are out of the World Cup and, surprise, surprise, we are talking about sacking the manager,” said Neville. “If that was a reaction I expected from some fans and pundits, I was disappointed – although not exactly shocked – to hear wavering coming out of the FA. This is the same Club England, whatever that is, that trumpeted so proudly 28 days ago that it had taken the release clause out of the manager’s contract. One minute these guys are talking about Capello as world-class, now they need a fortnight to decide if he is the man for them after all. What are they waiting for – to see what’s in the newspapers? Where is the backbone?”

Yesterday, ahead of schedule, the FA confirmed that Capello would keep his job, with them retaining their belief that he is “the best man for the job”.

I think Fabio owes our Nev a pint!