Ahead of our League Cup semi-final against Manchester City tonight, Gary Neville believes Manchester United are not using this occasion as another opportunity to put our local rivals in their place, rather to get ourselves in to another final.

“I don’t see the game as an opportunity to reassert our dominance over City,” said Neville. “We are quite comfortable with where we are. We are second in the league, we’re in the Carling Cup semi-final and we’re in the second phase of the Champions League, so we have nothing to prove. People might perceive that something is going on in Manchester between the two clubs, but we cannot afford to get involved in that. We just need to concentrate on our jobs like we’ve always done. We have had battles for the top honours with our rivals like Leeds and Liverpool over the years. We just concentrate on our own performance. There is no way we can start to concern ourselves with other teams too much.”