Gary Neville has today spoken out about his admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo. Neville has had the privilege of playing alongside some incredibly talented players, including Eric Cantona, David Beckham and Ryan Giggs to name a few, but reckons Ronaldo is as good as any of them.

“In terms of entertainment, performance and production, the player that we’re watching now is every bit as good as anything I’ve ever seen,” Neville said. “He’s playing on another planet at the moment. His goals’ tally is exceptional, but the most impressive thing is the appreciation he has for playing in a team. His passing, dribbling and crossing are all carefully selected and completed at the right times.”

When Ronaldo first joined United, he was criticised for being too greedy with the ball, more concerned with how he looked as an individual rather than how he did as a part of the team.

His first great season with United coincided with Ronaldo becoming more generous with the ball. As well as an impressive goal tally of 23, he also had the highest number of assists in the Premiership.

He is now enjoying his best season with the club, currently on 27 goals. With United struggling for strikers this season, with Saha and Rooney missing large chunks of the season, Ronaldo has fulfilled the role required of him in the team, to score goals.

In a recent interview with Ronaldo, following the 2-0 victory over Portsmouth where Ronaldo scored both goals, he reiterated time and again how important his team mates were.

Do you think Ronaldo is less selfish and more appreciative of United now?