Just over a year ago, Jurgen Klopp was very critical of Manchester United spending £89m on Paul Pogba, and went as far as saying he would leave football if his club were doing the same thing. After Liverpool have spent £75m on defender Virgil van Dijk, Klopp has been left red-faced.

Speaking at Hotel Football ahead of United’s draw with Southampton, Gary Neville has spoken of his shock at learning about the transfer fee.

I was told Liverpool had bought him for £75 million. My reaction was: ‘you what?! 75 million quid?’ Even Liverpool fans must realise that’s a big number. He’s a good player but he’s not played that well this season. He’ll need to play well for that transfer fee. £75 million? I feel shocked.

If you were buying Sergio Ramos, but a guy from Celtic and Southampton? He’s obviously a good player but there’s an element of risk. £75 million for a lad who’s had an injury in the last eight months, and not come back particularly well from it, is a big risk. Liverpool need a defender because they need to strengthen their defence.

But things have gone to an incredible level. Do I think Pogba is worth £89m? No. Do I think Lukaku is worth £75m? No. Have there been any good value signings? Salah? Yes. Salah’s delivering for that money.