Romelu Lukaku is expected to be out for the next two games at least after picking up a head injury in Manchester United’s 0-0 draw with Southampton on Saturday.

Only four players have scored more goals than Lukaku in the league this season but Gary Neville, speaking at Hotel Football, claimed United should already be setting the wheels in

Whatever you spend on Harry Kane, you’ll get back. He’s the most fantastic professional, he’s a great lad, he will score 25 goals each season, he’ll never let you down. You know exactly what you’re getting.

I remember when Ron Atkinson signed Bryan Robson, he said ‘I’ve signed gold.’ That’s what you’d be doing if you got Harry Kane.

Manchester United should always be looking to sign the best player in the Premier League. If you go back over the past 25 or 30 years, there was Rooney, Ferdinand, Keane, Pallister, Ince, Van Persie. We’ve brought in foreign players as well, but we should be trying to get the best player in the league. So Manchester United should absolutely be trying to get a hold of Harry Kane. That might be a two or three year project, in terms of working with Tottenham, working with the player, working with the agent.

You’ll never get Kane out of there before Tottenham move in to that new stadium. Tottenham cannot sell him this year because they need to sell out their stadium next year. It would be impossible. I cannot believe that he would leave them this year.

The feeling in the club will be if Pochettino, Alli or Kane go in the next six months, that’s going to demoralise that £600m investment. I don’t think Daniel Levy would do that.

However, if they get their season tickets sold this season and next season, and get £130m for Kane the season after, that might be acceptable. United have 18 to 24 months to work on that one.