Edin Dzeko has been in Manchester for all of two minutes before speaking to the press about the lie City fans spread, that Manchester is blue.

So desperate are City to get some leverage on United, they hound their new signings with their nonsense.

“I have heard a lot about the fans and that most of the people from Manchester are Manchester City fans,” he said.

Nobody ever claims that everyone from Merseyside is an Everton fan or that everyone from the Midlands is a West Brom fan, yet bizarrely, the word that City fans are so keen to put out is that ‘proper Mancs’ are blues.

– Manchester United have had higher attendances than Manchester City since 1947
Did we have glory fans from Surrey in the 40’s? Did all those Mancunian reds decide to shun United over the years and choose City as the team to pass down through the generations? Does that logically make any sense?

– Manchester United have had far more success than Manchester City
United have fans from all over the country and all over the world. Is it logical to believe that fans from the actual city would not support United too? More successful teams who play more entertaining football attract more fans, simple as that. Mancunians are attracted to success and attractive football as much as anyone outside of Manchester, which is why the reds have attracted so many fans over the years, both in and out of Manchester. We’ve had the Busby Babes in the 50s, we were the first English team to win the European Cup in the 60s, having three European Player of the Year winners in the side and we’ve had the Sir Alex years.

– “The council house is never full”
Manchester City’s stadium has been on average 13% empty (roughly 6,200 seats) this season. When City played Juventus in the Europa League, 12,614 tickets went unsold, despite them being sold for £10 (£5 for under-16s). For the Salzburg game, there were 10,274 empty seats, despite them selling tickets for £5 (£1 for under-16s). If Manchester is full of City fans, why don’t they go to watch the games?

– Stockport is blue
According to the Manchester season ticket report, conducted in 2001, the most popular postcode for City season ticket holders was SK8. In that same report, it was revealed that 7,808 season ticket holders at Old Trafford were from Manchester, compared to the 6,678 at Maine Road. City had a higher proportion of their season tickets going to Mancs but then they don’t have the competition with the rest of the country for seats. Having lots of fans outside of Manchester doesn’t negate the fact we have lots of fans in Manchester.

Manchester is red.