Blackpool have confirmed that their match against Manchester United, scheduled for tomorrow evening, has now been called off. Bloomfield Road doesn’t have undersoil heating which means the overnight temperature has left the pitch frozen.

This is unacceptable for several reasons:
1. Fans who have pre-paid train/coach tickets will lose their money and when the game is re-arranged, likely for midweek, some fans may not longer be able to attend. Why should fans be put in this situation? Not good enough.
2. United will now probably have two games in a week when title rivals have just the one. Having a week off today doesn’t compensate for having two games in one week when the fixture list is more congested with Champions League and FA Cup games. Hypothetically, we could 4 games in a fortnight when our title rivals have 2 or 3, depending on which competitions they’re in. This gives Chelsea and Arsenal an advantage over us because of Blackpool’s failings. Not good enough.
3. United will now have to play catch up, with both Chelsea and Arsenal able to go above us if they win their games this weekend. Psychologically, this is a disadvantage. Not good enough.

The team has been put out and the fans have been put out through no fault of their own.

If you don’t have undersoil heating, you shouldn’t be in the Premiership. You shouldn’t be spending money on players if you don’t have the money to ensure your ground is up to an acceptable professional level.

Birmingham spent £300,000 on undersoil heating last year. £300,000! The papers reckon promotion from the Championship to the Premiership is worth £30m!

If you have to call a game off because your pitch isn’t up to standard, you should forfeit the game. Why on earth should United be put at a disadvantage because another club doesn’t have a decent enough ground?

This is totally unacceptable and could ultimately cost United this season. Not good enough, Blackpool.