After reading through the FA’s report on why Patrice Evra was punished with a four match ban earlier this month, my eye was drawn to the people who compiled the report. I thought I’d do a bit of digging to see if I could get any dirt on these men.

My findings were rather interesting.

Barry Bright

Bright is a retired estate agent, chair of the Kent FA, and chair of the FA’s disciplinary committee.

Bright is the one who got Rooney’s agent done back in 2002.

Bright imposed the 8 month ban and £50,000 fine on Rio Ferdinand for his missed drugs test.

Interesting enough, but nothing as interesting as this, which I dug up from The Guardian:

When the FA charged Millwall over racist abuse by fans in their match with Liverpool in October 2004, Bright was the chairman of the committee who found them guilty, fined them £32,500, then refused to apologise when Millwall spent huge amounts of money going to court to clear their name. He was never accountable for getting such a serious charge so wrong, never offered to cover their costs and won’t now meet or correspond with Millwall on the subject. But that’s Barry. That’s the FA.

Racism is clearly a sensitive topic for Mr Bright…