Gabriel Obertan has taken a sensible approach to his career at Manchester United, recognising the importance of being patient.

“I am at Manchester United to improve,” Obertan told L’Equipe. “I would prefer to play all the time, but I am not panicking. At a club like this, there is no reason for me to be impatient. My time will come. On Nani’s side it might be difficult, but on the other wing there might be an opportunity. I have been ill recently so I would be surprised to make the starting XI against Birmingham. But Nani has been injured and Park is set to leave for the Asian Cup, so there might be a chance for me.”

Sir Alex Ferguson has reassured the 21-year-old that he will get a chance to play over the next few weeks and Obertan has sensibly confirmed he would rather be on the bench here, waiting for his chance, than playing elsewhere.

“Sometimes he speaks to me,” added Obertan. “The last time he told me not to be worried and that I would get opportunities before the New Year. He has also asked me to be more focused inside the box, to finish my work better. It is frustrating sometimes on the bench, but I know I am improving. I would not swap places for anything in the world.”