1. Anderson really can take a free-kick.
2. German food is pretty rank. I don’t even know what they do to their mashed potato but it has the consistency of a stress ball.
3. Antonio Valencia looks to be a good buy.
4. Germans don’t get the concept of ‘jibbing’. Despite there being no checks for tickets the whole three days we were travelling around on the U-Bahn, the Germans always bought tickets. After the final, as thousands of fans poured in to the station, the Bayern Munich fans were still queueing up to buy tickets.
5. The new kit is nice.
6. Bayern fans don’t have a lot of chants but they’re fairly obsessed with Mexican waves and creating paper planes.
7. Prostitutes proposition men wearing football shirts more than they do men not wearing football shirts.
8. Wayne Rooney is very popular over there indeed.
9. The waitresses are old women. I didn’t come across a single young, hot, Ayran waitress in traditional dress the whole time we were there.
10. German fans seem to think all English fans are scary hooligans and are not interested in getting involved in the banter. Our fans gave up baiting them in the end after repeatedly singing “Who put the ball in the Germans’ net?” failed to even raise an eye-brow from from the thousands of surrounding Bayern fans.
11. They are so fucking efficient. The trains and buses run every few minutes and always arrive on time. Wonderful.
12. The Allianz Arena really is impressive. Looks good from the outside, looks good from the inside and traps the noise in well.