Sir Alex Ferguson sensibly claimed that the winner of the Liverpool-Chelsea Champions League games would probably pose the biggest threat to us in the title race. Clearly, the winner will have a massive boost of confidence whilst the loser will be dejected. At present, there are just three points between these two title rivals and the outcome of their Champions League could have a massive effect.

Rafael Benitez, who has spoken more nonsense and is more easily offended that TNSSO this season, has reacted to these comments, claiming United are in fact scared of Liverpool, who are below us in the league despite playing a game more.

“It is not mind games, I think it maybe is that he is a little bit scared of us,” Benitez responded, when asked about Ferguson’s comments. “I do not have a problem with United. Clearly one of us, either Chelsea or us, will end up focusing just on the Premier League after this. I think Sir Alex will be supporting Liverpool in this tie because he knows we are the bigger threat now. If we continue in the Champions League maybe he will think we are tired. If we are not in this competition then he knows that we will be a threat in the Premier League. If Chelsea are not in the competition, then he knows they will then be a threat also in the league. But he will lose anyway, whoever goes out, because they will still be a big threat to United. But we just concentrate on our team, while he likes to talk too much about other teams.”

Seriously, do you think he has to work hard at sounding this obsessive and bitter? Ferguson was asked who he thought the biggest threat to us winning the league again was and he responded by saying the winner of the Chelsea vs Liverpool game. That’s not talking obsessively about other teams, it’s merely answering a question, and isn’t putting down either team. And this is from the man who went on the telly and delivered a five minute speech about Sir Alex Ferguson! How the fuck can he claim he just likes to concentrate on Liverpool after his odd ‘episode’ at that press conference? Clearly the attention that comes with mounting a title challenge is all too much for the FSW. Before this season, when Liverpool were out of the title race by October, we didn’t hear a peep out of him. Now, you can’t shut up him up from having a pop at our manager!

Can’t wait until May.