Manchester United have signed Michael Owen on a two year deal. As the rumours mounted that the former Liverpool player was about to join us, the opinion on him was split. RoM ran a poll which, at present, 2007 people have voted on.

39% felt that he’s a good player and the fact we’re getting him on a free makes it a win-win deal for United.

24% said he’s not a player that would personally choose, but if the manager was happy, so were they.

12% felt physically sick.

11% were concerned what this signing says about the club’s ambition.

7% reckoned he would do well at United but still weren’t happy

7% were consoled by the fact scousers would be hurting over it.

The manager is looking for a striker with a good track record after losing out on the guaranteed goals Ronaldo provided us with.

“Michael is a world class forward with a proven goalscoring record at the highest level and that has never been in question,” said Sir Alex. “Coming to Manchester United with the expectations that we have is something that Michael will relish.”