As Joe Cole left the Anfield pitch today, he was taunted by United fans and called a Chelsea rent boy, amongst other things.

How did he respond?

By doing the famous five finger salute, to represent the five European Cups Liverpool have won, of course.

Just like Fernando Torres (spent three and a half years with Liverpool, won nothing), who used to brag about the success he had played no part in, Cole, who has flopped massively since joining Liverpool, scoring just one goal in the league, thinks attempting to goad United fans over Liverpool’s past success (lest we forget Liverpool don’t even play in the European Cup anymore) is a clever response.

Yes, this is Cole, who once used to tell people he was a lifelong Chelsea fan as he strutted around Stamford Bridge in his CFC sweatband, before rejecting their contract offer for more money at Liverpool. The same Cole who lost the only European Cup final he’s played in to Manchester United.

So, go and advertise your favourite TV channel elsewhere rent boy and leave the bragging to people who have earned the right to.