Scanning a few headlines this morning, it would appear as though Cristiano Ronaldo is ready for a summer transfer to Real Madrid. Despite news story after news story filled with quotes from Ronaldo claiming he is happy at the club, an interview with Sky Sports News today seems to confirm that Ronaldo is looking for a summer move away from the club, with Real Madrid being the destination.

The Independent: “Ronaldo opens door to Real as he ponders United future”
Daily Mail: “Ronaldo’s bombshell – I don’t know whether I’ll stay at United”
The Sun: “RonalGO – United Shock As Cris Hints At Summer Move”
The Guardian: “Ronaldo leaves door open for Madrid”

Football365 published the story, quoting Ronaldo as saying: “I am happy here but let’s see what happens after the Champions League final. I am feeling calm here. I’m happy but in the future I don’t know. I know Real Madrid like how I play and I know that other teams in Spain like my game as well, so that’s good. It is good to know that other clubs are interested in you. I have said millions of times that I would love to play in Spain.”

But what part of the story is being left out here?

When looking at his interview with Sky Sports News in full, you pick on some rather glaring facts the press are keen to avoid. Ronaldo’s frustration towards the end of the interview, after having to answer the same question so many times is clear. “It is always important that other teams like you, it gives you motivation. The other teams say your name all the time, say they will give you this – it is good,” he said. “But I have said 1,000 times, I am very happy here. I want to stay in Manchester.”

So what have we learnt today? Nothing. Ronaldo would one day would like to play in Spain. He has stated this desire since day one and I don’t really blame him.

Despite being the best player in the World, he is booed by opposition fans wherever he goes. Evidence of the sad state of English football. Rival fans used to queue up to watch Georgie Best play, eager to get a glimpse of his skill and quick to praise him. Now, the English league has another superstar, the best in the business, and he is treated like shite by the fans in this country.

He is kicked from pillar to post in every match he plays, is booed when finally one of these challenges leaves him on his arse, and has the referee wave on violent attacks by our opposition. Now, some might say he only has himself to blame for this. Mud sticks. So despite him cleaning up his act, he is still being judged as though he’s that weedy 18-year-old when he first graced our pitches 5 years ago. Regardless, the fact that “football fans” in this country would rather rip such a talented player to shreds, rather than giving him the credit he deserves, speaks volumes about the sad state the football fans of this country have left us with.

Still, like Ronaldo asked earlier this week, why would he leave? He’s just won back to back titles and is playing in the final of the European Cup. He is worshipped by the fans, with his songs sung more frequently than anything else, and is working for the most successful manager in the business. United’s team is up and coming, packed to the brim with World class players. He’s got at least another 10 years in football, why would he leave for Real Madrid now?

On Tuesday, Ronaldo said, “I’m at the right club, playing with the right players and I learn things all the time. That’s what great about being at United. I improve all the time and I want to improve every season.”

Papers are there to sell and they’ll print whatever they have to in order to get a sale. Imagine all the dippers, rent boys, bitters and gooners rubbing their hands together and handing 40p over the counter as quick as they can to read about United’s best player making an exit for Real Madrid.

These stories have been appearing every summer and January for the past three seasons now, and every time, they are met with Ronald recommitting his future to the club. At the end of last season, he signed a new 5 year deal with the club. By the end of this season, he’ll have another league winners medal and possibly a Champions League winners’ medal to go with it. Will he leave us for Real Madrid this summer? Will he fuck.

Click here to watch the interview that has caused so much fuss