Manchester United have been named the most valuable club in the world by Forbes magazine. This title is worked out by how much money the club brings in, in terms of television income, match day revenue and merchandise sales.

Of course, this title is again ironic given that we have more debt than any other club in the world, thanks to the Glazers.

Clearly, our spending in the transfer market does not reflect a club that is bringing in more money than any other. Can you imagine what we would be capable of doing if not being bled by the Glazers?

United have been valued at £1.19bn which is a 2% drop from last season, although has brought in considerably more money than any other club.

1. United £1.19bn($1.84bn)
2. Real Madrid £859m ($1.32bn)
3. Arsenal £767m ($1,181m)
4. Barcelona
5. Bayern Munich
6. Liverpool
7. AC Milan
8. Juventus
9. Chelsea
10. Inter Milan
12. Tottenham
19. City
20. Newcastle