I have made my feelings on the potential for Jose Mourinho to take over at United very clear. He doesn’t know how to play attacking football. He can’t recognise quality in the transfer market. He couldn’t care less about bringing through youth players.

Sir Bobby Charlton agrees with me.

“I would hate for anyone to take this the wrong way but I don’t see him here,” he said. “He’s got a talent but maybe if he ever came here the philosophy of youth football might never be the same again.”

Bryan Robson agrees with me.

“Attacking football is a vital part of the club’s heritage,” he said. “For me, Jose Mourinho is too cautious in his approach to the game to be manager.”

Rio Ferdinand does not.

“There are very few people who could take over,” he said. “If you’re talking about someone with the ego and personality to do it, then Jose Mourinho is the name that jumps out at you.”