Manchester United have honoured the NHS by lighting the stadium up in blue, with ‘NHS United’ illuminated in red, ahead of the 8pm applause on Thursday evening.

United were the first club to announce that all of their players would be donating 30% of their salary to local hospitals, while individual players, like Marcus Rashford, David de Gea and Harry Maguire have also been involved in individual projects to help support those in need during this crisis.

Harry Maguire has spoken about the efforts the club is going to in order to support the NHS.

I think first and foremost every club will be different. I’m having weekly discussion with the club about how we want to go forward and monitor it, that’s as much as we can say on behalf of our club, we will continue to evaluate and monitor it weekly.

I’m sure every week we will evaluate, see where we’re at, and see if we need to do anything regarding deferrals or wage cuts. Every club will be different, have different circumstances, and I’m sure each captain will be speaking on behalf of their clubs on that.