Manchester United supporters are planning to protest ahead of this weekend’s Premier League game against Norwich. Around the time that the protests were announced, stories were leaked to the press suggesting that Erik Ten Hag is all but confirmed as our manager for next season.

Further positive news has emerged from the club this week with them announcing that re-development plans for Old Trafford are finally underway. A team of leading consultants have been appointed to look at what the options for development are. Legends International and Populous have previously worked with Real Madrid, Barcelona, Tottenham and Liverpool to provide the same service.

The club has revealed that there will be a meeting between the consultants and the Manchester United Fans’ Advisory Board later this month and that plans for re-developing the training ground is already underway.

It’s easy to be cynical and suggest the timing of this news is meant to placate the fans ahead of the planned protests, although there is still no update on the Fan Share Scheme with a year passing by since the protests which saw supporters break in to the stadium.

After 17 years of letting the club rot, it appears as though the Glazers may finally be waking up to the power the supporters have. Hiring a world-class manager and developing an old stadium shouldn’t be revolutionary at club like United though and the owners will have to deliver much more than this if they expect the anger felt towards them to subside.