Anderson has gone off the boil since his storming first season with Manchester United, which he ended with scoring one of the sudden death penalties in the European Cup final against Chelsea.

Still, in the pre-season he scored a blinding freekick against Boca Juniors and this week he scored for the Reserves.

We have been left to question his attitude, particularly after his falling out with Kiko at the very start of the season, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reckons Anderson has what it takes to become an important player for us. What is encouraging is the revelation that Anderson asked to play for the Reserves this week!

“Ando has shown his qualities and attitude,” said Solskjaer. “Now it is a case of him taking his chance when he gets it and putting down a marker to stay in the team. He is going to be a big player for Manchester United. It was all glory for him in his first season, but then you sometimes get a bit of a reaction to that. It happens to a lot of players. But with Cristiano Ronaldo gone, we need players like Anderson to step up and say `here is what all the talk was about when you signed me.’ It is always going to be a big challenge at United to get a place in the first team. No player at United is going to step aside and say `here you take my place.’ You have to fight for it and he is more than capable of doing that as he is proving. He volunteered to play for the reserves. Asking to play just shows his professionalism and determination to succeed.”