Edinson Cavani has scored seven goals for Manchester United this season, although has had a difficult campaign thanks to injury and being banned by the FA.

His father suggested that Cavani was ready to return to South America next season but Cavani responded quickly by posting on social media what an honour it was to wear United’s shirt.

Ahead of our game against Tottenham on Sunday, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has confirmed that Cavani hasn’t made up his mind on where he wants to play next season.

I’ve kept in touch with Edi and, of course, we keep an open dialogue. He’s still unsure what he wants to do next season, which I find fine. It’s not been an easy year either for him, or the rest of the world this season, so he still wants to time to make his mind up.

I’m very sure that we will get a good Edinson for the rest of the season. He knows that this is the business end of the season, where we fight for the Europa League trophy and we can see the end-line in the league, only eight games left and you’re thinking about where you’re going to end up.

He’s been so positive in and around the place, he’s been great to have, he’s been working hard now obviously to get fit. We’ve got him and now, hopefully, we can keep him fit the next six, seven weeks.

Marcos Rojo, who United sold to Boca Juniors in February, claims that he has been in touch with Cavani and told ESPN Argentina that the striker is interested in joining him.

I spoke with him, I speak with him a lot. We haven’t been together for long in Manchester, only four or five months, but he’s a great person, and let’s hope for a second connection. When I came here, he always asked me if I was good, how I was getting on, because we didn’t see each other during the last period in England.

It’s important that great players such as Cavani, who is a historic player for Uruguay and played in lots of important clubs, want to come and play for Boca. I think that speaks very well for the club, and for Argentinian football.

When I told him there was the chance to come here in Argentina to play for Boca, he told me about his situation as well, that he spoke with [manager Juan] Roman [Riquelme] a few times and the option was really appealing to him and he would be interested in the future. I’m nobody to say if he’s going to come or not, that’s on him. He needs to take that decision with his family.