Manchester United have enjoyed the best form of any club in the league since the end of January, with the signing of Bruno Fernandes proving to be the catalyst that we needed.

Our front three of Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Mason Greenwood have scored more collectively than Mo Salah, Frimino and Sadio Mane this season, which shows a huge improvement in our attacking intent compared to previous campaigns.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has talked about the fearlessness that Greenwood plays with and how his mentality is shared by Rashford and Martial.

I think when you are that age you have no fear whatsoever. Mason goes out there, enjoys playing and does what he does. He’s done that since he was a kid. He’s been in this club his whole footballing life, and he has been taught and coached, but also has taught himself good habits about receiving the ball on the half-turn, if you want to turn a defender inside or outside. It’s the same with Anthony and Marcus, they all have that type of positive demeanour and mindset. To me, that’s football.

I think the front three did a lot of good work in the lockdown to be physically ready. They are known as technical players, skilful players, but the first thing we always ask for is that mentality and humility to work hard. That comes first, and then all their skills and qualities in front of goal come. They create chances for themselves with their pressing and movement, it’s not just their skills.

I’ve been very pleased with Anthony. You can see his work rate, his foundation. There were some stats last season on our strikers, and he’s really taken up the challenge and answered the questions I asked of work rate. We have to start from the front with our pressing, and he’s really taken that on board.

Marcus is still a young boy developing, too. All three of them can see a pass, can play a pass, they can score, they are physical, they can make runs and create chances for others. We are trying to develop them all of the time; this isn’t a one-day thing, or a ‘sometimes’ thing, this is about creating good habits.