“Maybe I should say a few words. Firstly, are you all well? You’ve been waiting a long while. First I want to thank my support team. My coaches, Mark (Dempsey), Rich (Richard Hartis), Erling (Moe), Stig (Aambø). They have changed a lot, they’ve made a great difference . Give them a big round of applause.

And then I have the best players in Norway. It’s the players that deserve it, they’ve done it themselves, it’s them that have played the best football in Norway.

But if there’s anyone who deserves it more than anyone it’s you (talking to the fans). You’ve waited a long time, since the match against Fredrikstad May 19th, I think you started believing in something. We played some great football and you were stomping your feet in applause after 20minutes, and continued throughout. We were going to win it ourselves, but like Magne (Hoseth) put it, there isn’t a better way to do it than the way we did it today.”


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Thanks to Miss United for the translation.