John O’Shea showed potential to be a brilliant player when he was lad, megging Luis Figo when he was at his best. He had surprisingly quick feet for a big lad and was confident on the ball.

Sadly, O’Shea has never fulfilled that potential, but his attitude has seen him rise in popularity at Old Trafford. His goal in the final minute in front of the Kop also helped.

It is clear to see that he loves playing for United, celebrating the goals we score like a fan and speaking highly of the club at any given opportunity.

Whilst O’Shea would be able to cut out a career at most other Premiership clubs, he prefers to play for United, even if his appearances are less frequent. Today, he has gone on to emphasise this point.

“You could say a game here is worth two elsewhere but it is more than that,” said O’Shea. “I want to challenge myself, both in matches and in training every day and I want to improve my game. That is why I am here. As long as the manager keeps me as part of the team that will do for me.”

Whilst O’Shea’s attitude is appreciated by us, I do wonder whether it’s the right attitude to have. What should be more important – playing football or playing football for the right club? Phil Neville has done really well for himself since leaving his boyhood club, being named captain of Everton, something which wouldn’t have happened if he’d stayed at Old Trafford. Does that mean he’s in a better position than someone like O’Shea, who will likely spend the rest of his career on United’s bench?

Regardless, I believe players like O’Shea are very important to the club. Players who are passionate about the club and are willing to sacrifice playing time just so they can pull on the United shirt are needed in the days of such mercenary footballers. They give you that extra bit of fight and dedication that no amount of money can buy.

Do you think O’Shea would be better off elsewhere?