Sir Alex Ferguson claimed that Manchester United had finished their business for the summer.

“We are not looking at the moment but we are looking at combinations of central midfielders now at the club,” he claimed earlier this week, much to the horror of United fans.

Last season, the central midfield was crying out for a new addition, with United resorting to padding the midfield to compensate for the lacking quality. Now that Paul Scholes has retired and Owen Hargreaves has finally given up on his United career, the need should be even more pressing. Add to this the fact Darren Fletcher’s mystery illness has returned, it seemed insane that the manager would claim we would just have to muddle on with what we had already.

“At this moment in time I can’t see any other additions,” he said. “The type of players we may have been looking for are not available to us. So therefore I have to be happy with the players I have and carry on.”

David Gill has today claimed that there is still one more player we’re after, although we are not currently in talks with another club.

“We’re looking at one more player to bring in,” Gill told MUTV. “Nothing’s happening – nothing imminent – on that at the moment, but we’ll see what happens when we get home. There’ll still be 31 days of the transfer window to see if anything develops. But I’m not working on anything at the moment, in that respect. We’ve been looking at a particular position and two or three players in that position, but nothing’s imminent at the moment. But you never know – there’s often movement in August. I’m not sitting here saying I’m working on anything specific because I’m not, but that situation could change quickly when we get back to Carrington.”