David Gill, who will be stepping down from his position of Chief Executive at the end of the season, claimed this week that only a small number of fans still took issue with the Glazer ownership.

“There are still a small number of dissenters and they will always be there and they have had long held views which they are not going to change,” he said. “We respect those, but ultimately, someone has to own the club. They [Glazers] get the personal enjoyment and the important thing is that there is really no ego about them. They operate behind the scenes here, they don’t walk around saying ‘we own the club’, and they are very mindful of the traditions and the history of the club and people. Clearly, if you own an asset and it comes up with winning a 20th title, it’s unbelievable.”

Of course, someone he to own the club, but that someone doesn’t have to put the club in to ridiculous amounts of debt. As Gill himself once said, debt is the road to ruin, and we should be incredibly grateful to Sir Alex Ferguson for his ability to win the league in spite of the Glazer ownership.

Remarking on new claims by David Gill that MUST only represents a small
minority of fans, Duncan Drasdo said:

“This is a time to celebrate the title and not a time to analyse the strength of opposition to the owners, however I’m sure David knows full well that we directly represent tens of thousands of match going fans including 18k season ticket holders amongst 190,000 members. However, more to the point we’d argue that, having caused the club to lose more than £550m in interest, fees and other costs the number of people who believe that the Glazers’ takeover and ownership has been a good thing for Manchester United could be counted on a single pair of hands. Actually – far from being a majority in favour can there be any single Manchester United fan anywhere on the planet who believes that was good for our club? Plenty of City and Liverpool fans love what the Glazers have done, of course, so I think that says it all. However now is surely not a time to debate this and we are surprised David has chosen to speak out when he has done. We look forward to a more positive relationship with his successor after he departs his CEO role at the club this summer.”

Following our 20th title win, season ticket holders received a text from the club to inform us that prices would be frozen again.

“On a more positive note we’d like to add our congratulations to Sir Alex Ferguson, the players and all MUFC staff on a tremendous achievement of a record 20th League Title coming at the end of a tremendous domestic campaign. The true measure of Champions is how they bounce back from disappointment, and after the events of May last year we could not have asked for more than to win back our trophy as quickly as was possible. Further good news for match-going fans came yesterday with the announcement that ticket prices will be frozen next season. While many fans will argue prices are still far too high and, perhaps, it was the least they could do given the huge growth in TV revenue, it is still something we welcome and we hope to see more progress in future, making supporting the club more affordable for its loyal fans.”