Zlatan Ibrahimovic has revealed that he turned down offers from other clubs to return to Manchester United. Speaking to ESPN, Ibrahimovic has revealed the reasons behind his decision. 

There were a couple of teams reaching out, wanting Ibra-kadabra in their team, but I had such a great year with United, we had a great year, we won 3 trophies. Fantastic guys, great club.

I’m in a situation where I have to think 360 degrees around me. Everybody is happy about this [re-joining Manchester United] and I’m super happy.

Ibrahimovic has claimed that silverware is part of his plans at United and he expects us to win the Premier League. 

I come back to finish what I started. From my first year the team has been winning trophies and learning the sacrifice it takes to win a trophy. And the mental part and that is what I think the coach [Jose Mourinho] brought the team, the mental thing and me as a player.

In the Premier League there are many [rivals], which are top Top 6 let’s say, they will give a hard time for everybody. Like last season Chelsea was the best team, they won. You’ll still have Chelsea, you have Liverpool, I think Everton are not to underestimated because they have a great coach and they are investing a lot to win. And obviously you have Arsenal, City. So I think it will look like last year but this year the Red Devils will be on top.