Rafael Benitez made a bed for himself with his recent press conference where he repeatedly claimed he was talking ‘facts’. Not much work had to go in to disproving Rafa’s facts but that didn’t stop the FSW going on and on.

Benitez couldn’t resist making further comments about Manchester United though, in which he inaccurately painted a picture of United spending a fortune on players whilst he’d spent within his means at Liverpool. Again, not much work had to go in to again disproving the mental Spaniard.

I’m not alone though with other sources also exposing the false statements Benitez can’t seem to help himself from making these days. For a man who had usually been so quiet and composed, the frequency of his comments at the moment, coupled with the totally inaccurate subject matter, makes our “he’s crackin up!” chant truer with every passing week!

Setanta have addressed Benitez’s claims.

Seemingly not content with producing conspiracy fact sheets on Sir Alex Ferguson, and mysterious ramblings about ‘craziness’ occurring at the JJB, Rafa Benitez has now come out with yet another eyebrow raising ‘fact’ when quizzed about his persistent cracking open of the Anfield transfer piggy bank.

Admittedly, Rafa may have miscalculated a few pounds here and there due to the ever increasing complexity and frequent use of football’s ‘undisclosed’ transfer fees, but according to our maths Rafa’s net dealing at Liverpool has been quite a long way off a profit – £81,791,000 down in fact.

Approximately £189,866,000 has been squandered on numerous players of similar price and quality to Jermaine Pennant (£6.8m), Andrea Dossena (£7m) and Lucas Leiva (£8m), while only £108,075,000 has been recouped on players such as England international Michael Owen (£8m) and Craig Bellamy (£7.5m – who has notably left that club for £15m).

Martin Samuel isn’t too fussed about the inaccuracies of Rafa’s ramblings though, instead he’s focussing on the real fact: Ferguson has built a better team than Benitez and therefore will probably win the league. His conclusion says it best.

Were Manchester United to blow it, we would all be looking behind the story for clues. It is easier to work out what has gone wrong at Liverpool, though: the answer is right there, on the teamsheet.