The volume of the crowd doesn’t seem to matter, they can be deafening or subdued. But the commentators will only ever comment on the “incredible” support of Liverpool, Portsmouth or Newcastle. Stoke get a mention every now and again these days too.

Our away support is second to none. Whether you’re in the midst of it yourself or you’re watching on the telly, there’s no greater feeling than bouncing at someone else’s ground, completely out-singing them, with a plethora of chants I’ve never heard any fanbase replicate. But rarely is this mentioned.

The Independent: “You’re going down with the Shearer,” they sang. The Manchester United travelling choir gave an extraordinary rendition of their greatest hits here yesterday, old-time favourites such as, “We all live in a George Best world” and “Yip Jaap Stam is a big Dutch Man” even getting an outing. But there was special zest – and perhaps accuracy – reserved for the mention of Alan Shearer.