Liverpool went top off the league after their home draw with West Ham yet this didn’t stop the Anfield fans booing their team off the pitch. Chelsea fans did the same following a home draw with West Ham.

Liverpool fans haven’t seen their team win the league since 1990 so one would imagine they would be very pleased to see their team go top, despite drawing. However, their impatience is putting pressure on their players.

Of Liverpool’s last eight Premiership matches, there have been five draws, putting United in pole position to go top of the league if we win our games in hand.

Fletcher reckons the experience and patience of United fans means our team are getting the right support to lead us to our third title in a row.

“We have the experience of having been there and done it. Liverpool maybe don’t and that might bring a bit more pressure,” said Fletcher. “But the best thing is the fans have been in this position before. They know what it takes to win the Premier League. There are times when you have to be patient. The fans understand you have to keep playing the right way and believe that one chance will come.”