The Togo national football team’s bus was ambushed as they were on their way to the African Cup of Nations. They came under attack from machine gun fire for 30 minutes whilst they were trapped on the bus. Two of their players were shot and taken away for treatment, whilst the bus driver was shot dead.

There has been discussion today of whether the Togo team will take part in the competition, with City striker, Emmanuel Adebayor, claiming that a lot of the players want to go home to their families.

“I think a lot of players want to leave,” said Adebayor. “I don’t think they want to be at this tournament any more because they have seen their death already. Most of the players want to go back to their family. No one can sleep after what they have seen today. They have seen one of their team-mates have a bullet in his body, who is crying, who is losing consciousness and everything. So we will have a good meeting tonight, everyone will go to their room, they will rest and we will see tomorrow morning we will make a decision which is good for our life. We are still in shock. If the security is not sure, then we will be leaving tomorrow. I don’t think they will be ready to give their life. We will discuss everything as a team and we will take a decision that we think is good for our career, is good for our life and good for our family.”

The organisers of the tournament have said that no teams were supposed to travel by bus to Angola, with Togo the only team to do so.