Despite struggling to get a game, Michael Owen insists he has enjoyed every minute of his Manchester United career, claiming that missing out on game time is worth it for getting to play for Sir Alex Ferguson and train with our players.

“I knew when I came here that I wouldn’t play every game and it would be a bit different to what I was used to,” he said. “But I will sacrifice playing every game for the opportunity to play and train with the very top players and work under a top manager. I haven’t been disappointed at all by my time here. I have loved every minute. Obviously you always want to play and do your bit. And I feel as though I have scored a few goals when I’ve played. At Manchester United, though, the hard part isn’t scoring goals on the pitch – it’s getting onto the pitch in the first place. It’s a new challenge for me and, in many ways, it’s one of the appeals of being here.”