Michael Owen has reflected on the home derby last season when he scored an injury time winner to beat City 4-3.

“Scoring the winner in the derby last season was one of those moments where the adrenaline takes over and everything goes blank,” Owen told the official site. “You literally have to wait until you get home and watch the replay to see how you reacted. Your mind goes blank and you do everything on instinct. I had no idea how I celebrated or who I celebrated with. Actually, I was looking at all my Prozone stats a few days after the game – they tell you how many passes you’ve made, how far you’ve run and track all the sprints you do during a game. My fastest sprint during that match was actually while I was celebrating the winner. I’m not sure if that’s something to be proud of, but I found it quite amusing [laughs]! It was the adrenaline…”