Michael Owen BarnsleyMichael Owen has scored three goals in five starts for Manchester United, twelve appearances in total, as he starts to settle in to his new team.

Fabio Capello recently described Owen as his “tormentor” as he struggled with the decision to include him in the England squad or not.

After scoring against Barnsley last night, Owen is more than aware of the press fascination that follows him although believes he should be judged on his performances, not just goals alone.

“A start and a goal, you can’t ask for more than that,” said Owen. “It is how people judge me unfortunately. I started a game against Bolton and was pretty pleased and thought I played pretty well. Then I looked at the papers and was given a three or four. But in this game I played pretty average and scored a goal and I’ll probably get seven out of 10. I think I deserved a five in this game and seven or eight from the Bolton game.”

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